About Acharya Pawan Chandra Ji

Acharyasri Pawan Chandra a researcher in Vedic astrology and Nadi shastra. With his research he has written many books like Vivaha, Samay, Phalit Sutram and many more.After a long research, Acharyasree Pawan Chandra developed a revolutionary formulae for calculating probable DATE OF MARRIAGE of any individual from his Birth Details.

His research on Birth Time Rectification, can rectify Time of birth to fractions of second. Vivaha Sutram & Samay Sutram, are based on this research.

Astrology Softwares

Acharyashri Pawan Chandra has worked with many top astrology institutes / companies and provided his research work in developing astrology softwares which took these softwares to new levels of accuracy. His precise astrological calculations (vedic siddhanta) predictive technique and the whole software architecture can be seen in world famous astrology softwares like:

- Kundli for Windows (re-designed and developed for Computer Zone)
- Kundli Chakra, Vivaha Sutram, Prashna Kundli, Lal Kitab (for Horizon aarc)
- Varshphal (devloped. for Mudit prakashan)
- Jyotish Visharad/Shastri Astro Software for Tirumala etc.



Editor in various popular magazines:

Jyotish Satya

Times of Astrology

Sobhagya Deep

Jyotish Aajtak

Jyotish India

ICAS Annual


Books written by Acharya ji

Secrets of Astrology